Client Network

Growing your business network

You can grow your business by making more business with your current trading partners, but sometimes you want to grow by finding new partners. Finding new companies trading with the products, you want to trade with, can be heavy work, especially if you are looking in many countries.

The Acumex Client Network is a free service for traders, who want to find new partners, but still value privacy. In the Client Network you can find new trading partners in the markets, that you are interested in. Your contact information and that of potential trading partners remains hidden until you decide to link with each other.

The Client Network is for you if you are trading pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics or even other product categories (let us know, which ones interest you). It is easy to get started as we only need to set up your company profile and then we give the controls to you, so that you can build the rest of the profile with the information, you want.

Press the button below to get started. Please provide your company's VAT number in the message text,